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MakeMan is a project to provide several frontends, GUI and non-GUI, to an XML interface to write man pages. MakeMan will use ``DocBook'''s definition (RefEntry) as a basis for man pages to represent the content in SGML, so as to allow a large variety of applications to access the same data. This will make it possible to write different frontends, possibly networked client and www-interfaces, SOAP-services etc. while at the same time promoting proper documentation.

While following the development of this project, the reader will gain a thorough understanding of the various Open Source tools, resources and possibilities used and appreciated all over the world. Since the project is Open Source, the reader can participate in and influence the development of MakeMan; (s)he can practice, learn and teach Open Source techniques and technologies.

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Updated the Documentation.
Released a new version of
Updated the XML Section.
2001-08-27: version 0.2 was released. See the ChangeLog for details.

Remember, the documentation is an essential part of the project, so please read it and feel free to comment.

Resources available as of 2001-08-27:


Commenst of all kind, suggestions, corrections, contributions, bug-reports, patches, any form of feedback you could possibly think of is highly welcome and will help advance the project. In the future mailing-lists may or may not be set up, for the moment, please contact Jan Schaumann via email.

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